untitled number one i think.

i have no new photos to share because i took the batteries out of the camera and put them in some toy. some silly toy that the kids played with for maybe 5 minutes. i will reclaim the batteries tomorrow.
so i went through the photo dungeon in the computer and found this photo. it is an example (a fantastic example) of what can be found on my kitchen bench. and on the kitchen table, and the floor , the couch, the entire lounge room and the bedrooms are not enter-able! i'm torn between letting the kids run wild with their imaginations or tying their hands behind their backs and just feeding them at feeding time ! the very moment i make space they are in it. making a cubby, or piling cushions..... making something amazing., they really are amazing but gosh sometimes i gets so so tired of all the STUFF surrounding me.
oh and guess what i found out today?..Sarah Blasko is touring again.... in Hepburn Springs in July. We will try our hardest to get there. so exc i t ed.... Minda? come. ? yes ?
in other news I just ate an almost full packet of gaiety chocolate wafer biscuits and now i feel quite sick and fat. silly me.
and finally.. a gocco is in the mail, maybe on a plane or a truck,.. a train?? on its way to me. god i hope i can make it work.
goodnight. time to go sleep off this sugar-i-ness. = crazy dreams for me tonight. maybe i should go borrow the kids worry dolls and put them under my pillow. the kids love their worry dolls. it's such a sweet, beautiful thing. to believe............... we have an elf living here that takes things. -says amelie.
seriously. goodnight.

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