oh my gocco goodness

Veda could not wait. Understandably.

it's early saturday morning, and i have to say...i am bursting with excitement. it's like we have been lighting fire crackers in the kitchen...that sort of joy.... but no...what we have been doing is playing with our newest family member. a print gocco.

i bought the gocco off ebay and i was so lucky, when the BIG box arrived ( god i love getting mail) i opened it to find something like gocco heaven. not one but TWO goccos and TWO fabric stampers and heaps of ink and everything else i need. i don't need two of course....but now I can give Veda one to have forever... hopefully they will keep the gocco alive. I need to join the save gocco movement because my is sooooooooooooooo fun, sooooooooooo exciting and soooooo addictive. We had the best time printing- after we worked it out. We wasted two bulbs because we had the print facing the glass the first time. oops. And we used the gocco pen to draw our pictures and it worked so so well. Its so much cooler than I imagined. Can you tell Im excited lol.
So Veda has printed a zillion beautiful fairy wrens that she drew. Each time we added different colour ink we got a surprise when we looked at the print. The excitement!!
My girl print was quite boring really he hee.... but the possibility of printing on fabric.....oh goodness...if it works i'm going to seriously burst.
Our Saturday morning has been wonderfulllll- a new little world has opened up.... the only problem is that we have to stop to eat...and that we will soon be out of screens and light bulbs.
And we also now have to leave the house...yes that's right, leave the warm cosy gocco go to the vet for one of Murrays cows. It has mastitis. And we can't have that can we?
I guess we could get some cardboard to print on while we are in town at the vets? yes...good idea. we go.............


Lara said...

Oh wow, what an awesome box of gocco goodies!! That bird print looks gorgeous - love all the colour combos!!

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog by the way. I'd love to take you up on your offer of contacting your sister - I'm sure she'd have some great advice about places to visit that would be inspiring. Thanks!! My email addy is lara[at]laracameron[dot]com

Take care.

melindatrees said...

wowo! what a beautiful god i know how excited you are! isnt it so much fun! i will send you supplies, dont worry. as for leaving the house for a cow... tell murray all he needs to do is get under the cow (to defy gravity) and suck all day.thats how me and hana fixed my boobs :-)

melindatrees said...
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manda said...

Melinda , lol...I don't think Murray could drink 35 litres of milk twice a day. good idea though. ;-)

Loretta said...

Cool, did Veda draw that bird? Your fridge looks sooo cool with all the prints on it. Melinda love your comment..funny. Nothing beats waiting for thing to arrive in the mail.i think i need to go shopping.. x x