washing mountain

our washing machine has died. it wasn't sudden so therefore wasn't surprising and therefore i'm quite o.k with it. i'm even a bit excited to be getting a new one, our first ever new washing machine, delivered tomorrow. and its a cute front loading one that will sit on top of the clothes dryer. having two such machines sitting in the laundry , to be honest feels a bit extravagant. they suck lots of energy and water. (and my time actually) and i do feel guilty using them so damn often. what can a girl do , with three little kids and a dairy farmer husband. gosh..is that me? ...
apart from the washing mountain that is actually spread throughout the house..no exaggeration... awaiting the arrival of our new machine... the rain is coming down hooray! amelie had a great time with some puddles today and there is so much more green around....im not feeling the urge to dress myself from head to toe in green.
im actually liking black.
but....today i painted my fingernails orange. l o v e. so nice. but.... tonight i peeled the polish off my nails..... god i love doing that..
and did you watch brothers and sisters last night. damn i love that show. sorry i cant stop saying it...but it is really great. i think i love the mother the best. and justin. cute :-)
well its bed time for me.
no photos. i have no new ones. tomorrow,....i will take green photos.
and eat more fruit. because i dont eat enough.

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