Amelie and I found this sweet little wooden soldier riding his horse in a junk type shop in Bendigo. It's a pull along toy. . which I collect in case you didn't know. so cute.
Something happened today with a person who for some reason has always got on my nerves. I went to see her to ask her a question, and it turned out that she had two magazines sitting there waiting for me to lend them off her. . which she didn't know and either did i. funny that. Two magazines to inspire and help me on my journey...I was so excited. . I wonder if she was feeling the happiness lol ?...
I think every person in your life is there for a reason...and the ones that challenge you...they are there to teach us the most. As annoying as that can be.
In other news...I am quietly dreading the day that is approaching....when my sister and her babe go back to Japan. urgh, I think that is the sick feeling I have in my stomach at the moment.
oh and won't believe it because I certainly don't. Today I took Millie cat back to the vet... with pupils sooo big. We think she has been playing with snakes again. Snakes!!! and the $$$$$ for the anti venom. I need to buy her a tiara don't I. U N believable.
I've been trying to post on my blog for a few days now..... the first few days I was feeling lost for words..fancy that,,..... and then when I was ready...blogger refused to let me speak. so rude.
So I am again.... and off i go to make some invitations for our big little boys 6th birthday party. Six. far out brussel sprout.
and now Amelie and Hana have matching dresses :-)

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