a soup of pictures

it feels a BIT nice that it's a new month. nice because it's new..GOODBYE march.. nice because it's the school holidays. nice because it's easter soon and oh the chocolate is never better, nice because it's amelies birthday, and nice people will be coming to play. nice isn't probably the word, but it will do. easter is about new life yes? well. we are all ready for it.
and the photos. oh well....i can never see anough red gum flowers. i found some photos on my phone. i like the scratchy blurryness of them. my poor pink lamp has finally died. the plastic shade on it was cracked and is now well and truly broken. it has had a long loved life.
and a photo from my dads tool shed. i'd love to see him today.
and two more painting/drawings of mine.
peace :-)


melindatrees said...

there is definately something very eastery about these pictures.beautiful.

momo said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving comment!

Did you draw the last picture? So pretty. I love the design and those colours are so beautiful.
I wish I could draw like you.