musical happy-ness

this is part of a painting i did maybe a year ago. i'd love to go and paint by myself for a week or two. i snatch some painting time here and there...usually at 7 in the morning. but a week is out of the question right now.

rain rain rain please.

i'm liking escaping with music. Buddha Bar, Sunny cd that came with the cute kids book called Sunny... , Silverchair-strangely, and new Norah Jones. a weird mix and choice I know. but surely enjoyable :-) oh and I'm still " hanging out" with Sarah Blasko. so nice. if i was an organised blogger (or person) i would have the links and little pictures of the cds. but i'm not.

so our little Amelie is 3 on friday. it will be a wonderfully happy, sunny day. i need to get a list together, there's a teddy bear picnic happening at midday....... and the house...i need a giant vacuum to suck it all up ;-)


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