heavy and light

its essential to let off some smoke/steam when needed. we would all explode otherwise yes? well i can feel the steam building around here and im a little worried how the pressure is going to be released. in the mean time we had some cracking good fun on the weekend with my fire loving bro. he is a true sweetie. he even left me a bucket of flowers...see below keep us warm :-)

and speaking of warmth...well this is little hana who now loves to stand. it wouldn't surprise me if tomorrow she started walking. she's having a fun time with the kids.. ohhh how cute she is.

and her mama. :-) a sweet mama she is.....we are now both at least three kilos heavier after eating about 5 kilos of easter eggs. mmmm mmmm mmmmm. and hanging out together...its a luxury that i wish was a normal occurrence.

i am loving incense. loving it. melinda thinks its what i do instead of smoking cigarettes. i think she's a little bit right. or all right. and so funny.

we have had rain... and we have mud. and i nearly slipped off the edge of the driveway the other day. . with a car full of screaming kids... and my boy outside laughing at my bad driving. !

so anyway. . .i should sleep so i'm a little sane tomorrow. i hope its an easier one for my boy. the farm thing is a really shitty situation at the moment. asking for an ending soon. a happy one would be good.

good. night. :-)

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