back here again

its been a fun time these past 5 days, on a trip with my three sweethearts. we went to Melbourne to pick up my sister and her baby flower girl ..arriving from Japan. How exciting and soo very very nice it is to have them here in hug and laugh with and play. We also got to hang out with my other sisters too. . . so nice to share life with family.
Back here at the farm today. urgh. I don't like this place anymore. at all. I would happily put my boy in the car and drive away and not return. The grief of the land and the animals...I feel it so strongly. like a lump in my sits there.
Anyway,... it happens to be raining as i type/talk.
THe cows have once again trashed my garden. Worse than ever. Thankyou cows for reminding me that I have no desire at all to continue living near you creatures. And also I need to redirect my energy. for is not meant to be in the garden.
The kids are happily playing with magnetix and Amelie is singing " tomorrow tomorrow i love you tomorrow."..from Annie, to her teddy bear who is wrapped in a teatowel.
I need to go bath the kids, clean the house, read the Age , find a place for us to move to, have a coffee ( i really need to stop drinking so much coffee....maybe I'll quit that and easter eggs at the same time ;-) and then think about tea. Lentils I think..
So it's back to life here for now... I have some way cute photos to post... one day soon.
Wish for more rain please.

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