fleeting moments of happy

veda and i love fairy wrens..and blue wrens. they are so tiny and bright and quick and cute. we have them in our garden (rarely) , but it is a blessing that they sometimes visit our sure they could find more attractive ones to hang out in.
oh..and a garden update funny as that may be, considering... but i have two sunflowers sized, but so beautiful. growing amongst a nice patch of divine basil.. and two more magnolia flowers are on their way out to see me. so nice.

i lost my "nutty biscuit recipe" from mum. so she wrote it out for me again today. and see where it says 2 tab water...tablespoons.. well the 4 in brackets is how much she usually puts in. one of those recipe secrets...why ours never turn out like hers. she slipped up as she was writing lol...
my threads arrived from india yesterday-complete with a packet of bonus bindis. im going to learn how to embroider with the help of the cool book muzz gave me for my birthday.
this is my favourite wine since christmas. it is de lic ious. and looks very pretty in my pink wine glass.

i also received surprises from japan today. thankyou sis . the sweet potato chips are very strange, and addictive. and hana. o m g., pleeaasse get on a plane soon :-)

time to regenerate.. ie sleep.......i told veda shes not allowed out of bed tomorrow 10 pm she was still awake. way too late for my little queen. in myer today she tried on a $90 white bridesmaid twirly dress,...and then she begged me to buy it. she tried it on for fun...and a part of me did consider buying it lol...silly i know...but god she has wanted one for so long...and then sindri begged me to buy it for her because he loved her in it...he said he would give me all his money.. and then amelie tried on the same dress in her size. and then sindri and veda went and found sindri some jeans and a black suit jacket in his size. the fun we had. and thankfully we left all the above mentioned clothes in myer..and i am $300 richer than i might have been.


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