i'm wishing i had some chooks to eat all the scraps coming from the kitchen...the scraps a result of fussy, pecking kids, and also the munched up bits of fruit and vegies from our new juicer. :-)
i'm not wishing for all the poo that will be blobbed around our house from the chooks , who always escaped their house to see what was on the other side. so i'm not really wishing for chooks. although sindri did have a wonderful time chasing them and feeding them when he was so little and cute. i'm sure amelie would love it too. i would be a little more worried for the chooks with amelie...
i'm reminded every day to cherish all these precious moments of life. we are only here together today. and my gosh...look how fast kids grow. little chubby sindri is now a slender bean type sindri-with the same cheekiness bursting from within.
and i wish we had some of that luscious green grass growing wild like it was in that photo a few years ago.

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