this year

what a great feeling...a new, fresh year. on the first day i sharpened lots of coloured pencils...crayola pencils are my favourite. . they even out-do derwent in deepness of colour...fancy that!
on the second day we drew some really cool pictures together, the kids inspired by the tin of pencils sitting on the CLEAN kitchen table.
from then on the days have already begun to merge into neverending days and nights. i didn't know it was friday yesterday. such is the bliss of school holidays and no commitments to be anywhere other then here.
i had delicious thai at my favourite restaurant with my sweet friend. the only thing that annoys me is that we can never eat it all and we aren't allowed to take the rest home with us. i could eat green curry chicken for breakfast. yum!
we have also brought some off-white paint to paint veda and amelies room...from pink to white. i think i would like a white house. with big windows. looking out over the ocean. (did u hear me universe?) i also watched a nice movie called the lake house. it made me cry which is a good thing. i watched it on the morning too which meant i was fully awake instead of fighting off sleepy eyes.
so today, is saturday :-) and we are still in pyjamas at lunchtime. i would like to paint the room, but the kids all want to help me...which is lovely but a nightmare at the same time.
i'm happy for everyone involved in the kim family auction. it's a beautiful thing they are doing. i hope it's a huge success, i'm sure it will be.....look at the intention behind it.
and blogger still won't post my photos...really annoying. should i go to typepad? im thinking about it.

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